Porsche Boxster 1997

Car was built in late 2015 for my business partner as an SPB. Chris Cervelli built the car - no expense was spared. Partner ran it in WRL 5 events in 2015/2016 - picking up 7 podiums in 7 races. He and I joined forces in 2017 and converted our 2.5Ls to 3.2Ls. Car ran 8 events (14 races in 2017 - 5 podium finishes).

Exterior: Painted at the end of 2017 season - race car paint job (not concours). When washed and cleaned up it looks really good. No major dings or dents - just minor stuff you'd expect on a race car. Windshield and headlights are good. I think one of the side mirrors has cracked glass (can send spare set of exterior mirrors - may not be red). One of the hood latch pins has a busted cable - doesn't affect the performance of the pin but should probably be replaced. Airbox inlet on the left quarter needs a screw or two tapped into it - a little loose. Left taillight has slight crack (can send spare set of taillights). Rear lexan has a crack (we do not have a spare). Rear quarter panels were replaced prior to 2018 season - body work done by Dave Imes at Apex Auto Body in Denver (aside from helping us with our race cars, Dave does work on $1MM + Porsches - collectibles and rare cars - his work is quality). The quarters were not replaced due to any significant wreck - but the car had been tapped a couple of times on each side during races (that we completed after the taps).

Interior: Overall good - it's a race car. OMP seat (can get expiration - should have a couple of years left on it), Porsche Motorsport seat slider, Schroth Endurance belts - should have a couple of years left on them. Sparco wheel on Rothsport quick disconnect. MoTeC data logger and display (will be included in the sale). Safecraft window net and Schroth cabin net. Numeric Racing shifter on 4" Rennline shift riser. Auto-blip unit (installed but not currently connected). SPA Technique electric 5L fire system (was accidentally discharged by a kid in our garage - needs to be refilled/recharged). Cool box (binary switch - not dials). Windshield has electric defroster. Rennline dead pedal, clutch and brake pedals and fully adjustable throttle pedal.

Not being sold with the car: Although the MoTeC is staying, we have some electronics we used for in-car streaming which we will remove. We will also be removing the radio and antenna as we run a multi car team and the radios are all frequency matched.

Drive Train/Suspension/Brakes/Fueling : We converted to 3.2L before the 2017 season. Cayman air box. Cayman S 6 speed transmission, Cayman trans mounts, Custom axles. Boxster S knuckles and brakes. GT3 master cylinder. Custom brake cooling ducts/fins. GT3 LCAs. Tarrett front and rear sway bars, drop links, rear toe links. Bilstein PSS9s with 450# / 500# Swift springs. Burns exhaust. Factory gas tank with hydromat, redundant Bosch fuel pumps feeding into surge tank which feeds the car. Discriminator valve out of the fuel tank hat. Dry break inlet in OEM location.

Spares: Available are fenders, hoods (one fiberglass), trunk lids, doors, mirrors, knuckles, ABS units, coolant reservoirs, some suspension parts, and more (need to do a full inventory). Car will come with 3 sets of wheels.

Car is not currently running. We installed a new engine in the fall and it tested fine in the shop. When we went to do a track day for testing we cranked the car and it sounded bad. Did a compression test and there was no compression. We have not removed the engine to determine what is wrong. May be rebuildable - may not.
With respect to price, I think a fair value for the car is $14k. For not a lot of $ the 3.2L in it can be rebuilt - or you can buy a replacement 3.2L, throw it in and you are ready to race. At less than $14k it’s worth my time to strip the car. The MOTEC, 3 sets wheels, Bilstein PSS9s, cayman s trans, custom axles, calipers, seat, and harness alone can be removed and sold for $12k +/- with minimal effort (just did that very thing for our wrecked 3.2L).